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Water ingress to the inside of a dwelling from either a faulty building componant or failed building material is almost never good news as any moisture once inside the building envolope will lead to decay of framing timber and failure of any lining on the inside of the wall.

Any sign of water damage needs to be fixed as soon as it is visable, the longer moisture is left behind a wall or in the ceiling from a leaky roof the more chance there is of mould taking hold and spreading around your house. We can find where moisture is entering the building envolope and work out a solution to fix the problem before it gets any further.

The same goes for bathrooms there is always a risk of water ingress in bathrooms particually older bathrooms that are constructed of materials that are not water proof mainly gib board on the walls and ceiling, these older materials soak up the moisture in the air and deteriorate over time untill they fail and start to fall apart any sign of water damage in your bathroon needs to be fixed as soon as you can.

We can also find a solution to leaking roofs, tiled roofs made from concrete do sometimes fail by cracking, often allowing water to fall into the roof space causing water damage, and old iron roofs rust to the point of failure if they are not painted correctly and then there are flashings that often fail over time and need replacing so if you have any water damage we can find a solution for you, so give us a call for a free quote today.

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