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New Decks Decking Repairs

New deck builders, and deck repair specialists, we can design and build a deck to your liking if your deck is under 1.0 meter off the ground, if your new deck is over 1.0 meter then you will require a set of plans from someone qualified and a building consent from your local council, decks over 1.0 m in hieght also require a hand rail design and consent always check with your local council first, when you have your plans then we can supply you with a quote to build your new deck. Please use the request a quotation form at the top of page.

When you are looking to build a new deck you need to make sure you are making the right choice as to which decking material you are going to use. There are 3 main choices of decking materials available in New Zealand, pine decking, hardwood decking and finally composite decking.

Treated Softwood Decking

Pine or radiata is the most common decking timber available and the most cost effective as it is grown locally here in New Zealand, pine is a treated softwood and is available in three sizes 90x22/90x32/140x32 pine will age to a silver or grey colour in a very short time and is prone to spliting if in direct sunlight all day, you can help with protection by applying a protective stain to the decking timber.

Hardwood Decking

Harwood decking is imported from overseas and is generally more expensive than pine decking, there is two main types of hardwood Kwila and Vitex they are dark in colour but lose this with age and turn silver to grey within a few months.

Hardwood decking is available in two sizes 90x19/140x19, hardwood is usually alot wetter when purchased and is prone to shinkage when installed green and will leach a stain for a while afther installation, hardwood is not treated and will last around 10 to 15 years depending on where it is located.

Composite Decking Material

This decking as stated is made of a composite of wood fibre and recycled plastic it looks like timber, and the main advantage with a composite material is less waste as there are no knots or splits in composite decking and every length of decking is absolutly straight, composite decking can also be installed with secret fastings so the top is free of fixings giving an overall cleaner look than timber,however you will still have expansion and contraction with temputure extremes just like timber.

Choose pine decking for a cost effective approach, hardwood for better looks if out of the weather and sun and composite for a overall cleaner and neat looking decking material. Always check with your local council if you need a building consent before commencing any deck construction by you or professionals as decks and handrails over a certain hieght will need to be designed by a professional.