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Garden & Landscaping

Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Planters & Pergolas. Pergola and Gazebos can be made in a variety of different building materials and in a lot of different construction variations, the purpose of a pergola can be two fold to enhance the look of your property or house and to provide some shade in the hot summer months they can have a roof for protection over a barbecue area for example.

The most stable material for a pergola would be cedar as the structure is exposed to the elements but cedar is not a cost effective building material but it is the best, second choice of material is pine which for the purpose of a pergola needs to be hand picked from the timber yard to be straight grained and free from lose knots and when posible coverd for a few weeks to dry out and stabalise before used on your pergola.

Custom made Planters can be styled to enhance the look of your property they can be made from a variety of materials including timer, concrete, zincalume and sleepers, the most common material again is pine as this is cost effective, the timber should be h5 treated to stop decay, retaining wall tounge and groove is ideal for this purpose as they interlock together for added strengh.

Planters can be made in any size you require and can be built into a deck design with added seats and privacy screens, or they can be built into the ground indepedent of any other structure if you require a quote for a pergola or planters please send us a quotation form for a free quote.