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Property Fencing

Property Fencing Whangarei, fences have two main purposes to provide security for your property or to provide privacy, fences can be built in a varity of ways the most common is the post and rail fence consisting of rough sawn posts and rails clad with rough sawn palings these pailings come in two sizes 150x19 and 150x25 the 25mm is a bit more stable in the weather than the 19mm although both will twist and split in adverse conditions this type of fence is practical and cost effective. 

When you require a fence that is a bit easier on the eye there is a wide range of materials to select from, staying with the post and rail design although slightly modified you could select a pine or hardwood cladding that has been machined smooth on all four sides, it is best not to use a tongue and groove style cladding as this can lead to palings popping off as they expand and shrink in the weather.

Another style that looks great is trellis this can be used to top off a pailing type fence by adding a strip to the top of the fence, Trellis privacy screen can be used around the perimiter of decks to provide both privacy and protection from the elements and can also be used around the base of decks to hide the sub floor framing and deck supports. 

Zincalume cladding is another alternative for fencing this material can be installed either horizontally or vertical along the fence rails and come in a varity of profiles and colours, zincalume also has the advantage of a stable material it will move in the temperature extremes but will remain in the same shape and not crack or twist in the weather.