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Rental Property Repair

Rental property repairs and maintenance, home repairs and maintenance Whangarei, Do you own a residential property or rental property, it’s most likely that it will be the biggest investments that you’ll make,you will want to do everything to ensure it looks its best. Regular maintenance of your property is extremely important, as not looking after your property can result in expensive and sometimes extensive repairs and with that comes decreased property value. 

We provide a wide range of building and property services to ensure your investment is kept in prime condition, wheather you are preparing to sell a home or just do a few repairs we can provide you with the services you need.

We can also provide the expertise to build you a new deck for the summer time, a pergola for shade and planters of any size built into your decking area or stand alone in the gardens and also that new fence for privacy or security.

We can also build new additions to your house, or renovations and alterations to the inside of your house and you can always be assured you are using a licensed building practitioner for all your property maintenance needs. These are only some of the additional features that can really improve the overall look and value of your property investment.

When it comes to property maintenance there are a few main areas that we can address the property and the exterior and interior of the building. If the grounds are looking outdated, overgrown and in general need of a tidy up, we can visit your property, remove all of the rubbish, and provide landscaping services  to update the property.